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Ringo Trivia



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Our trivia games are perfect for hosting fun, distanced and community-driven fundraisers for any charity or nonprofit!

You pick the date and time, we'll do the rest! 

Book now with a $50 nonrefundable deposit, and you will receive an email to follow up with any further instructions and communications! 

Our pricing structure for fundraising is based on the size of your event. 

We charge a flat fee based on how many participants play the game:

Small event (5-15 participants): $150

Medium event (15-30 participants): $300

Large event (30+ participants): $350 + $2 per participant 

You can set your own price for entry to the game, and afterward, we'll send an invoice based on the above structure. 

Here’s how much you could fundraise, depending on the size of your game, and how much you would like to charge:

Event Size

Example # of Participants

Example Price Per Participant

Ringo Trivia Price

You Fundraise

Small Event 





Medium Event 





Large Event 






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